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Cup-A-Cake Jars

Cup-A-Cake Jars!

Can you imagine eating a cupcake with a spoon?

Try one of our cupcake jars. Any of our cupcakes can be made into a Cup-A-Cake

We fill the jar with Cupcake, icing, toppings, more cupcake, more icing and then more toppings.

We even provide you with the spoon, so you can eat it on the run.

Cup-A-Cake Jars make great gifts.

Ideal for wedding favors, birthday gifts.


just because you want to have some fun.

You can now eat your Cupcake Heaven cupcake with a spoon

Cup-A-Cake Jars can be custom packaged in either 4 packs or 6 packs and shipped to your friends anywhere in the USA?

Call Cupcake Heaven for pricing information.